BRS-Team's objective is a successful, manageable and functional business resilience program. 

Individual and focused services, bundled, or end to end, we will do our best to meet your needs and to do in a cost eficient way.  We believe in our end to end methodology as the best option.

Subject Areas


These services provide more than a foundation for a properly focused and business appropriate continuity and recovery program.  People are the most valuable asset; protect them by protecting the total business.

Service Descriptions

Life Safety / Crisis Management

Keep your people safe.  Evacuation, Shelter-in-Place, Severe Weather and all options are addressed.  Implementation of Crisis Management process strengthens the business ability to manage all situations.  top


Hazard Threat Analysis

Conduct a facility/location hazard and threat review for the location which considers internal and external influences.  top


Business Impact Analysis

Conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for the internal business groups to identify business values, critical points, and interrelationships.  (top)


Plan and Procedure Development

Assist the business functions with the creation of recovery plans, procedures and formation of support teams.  Assist with the creation of location recovery plans and procedures for reacting to serious or catastrophic situations.  (top)


Exercise Planning and Coordination

Assist the business with the development of a exercises which will use the  plans and business involvement to ensure the program is functional and the critical actions are instintive.  top


Exercise Evaluation

Strategies may be revised or new ones determined.  Recommendations for changes in business process are documented at each stage.  top



Program & Project Management

We can manage your continuity, data center, life safety, etc., projects from inception to test and beyond.  A resilience project should become a program and we design your project to become that program. top


Introductory and Accredited Education

Provide education materials to introduce the recovery planning effort to the management and general employee population of the company.  Accredited programs available through our ICOR partner.  top



Business Continuity


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